Swarm Creativity

Welcome to our website! This is the landing page of our projects at MIT and overseas:


The goal of this research project at the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence is to help organizations increase knowledge worker productivity and innovation, by creating Collaborative Innovation Networks (COINs).

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The Swarm Creativity Blog is publishing last-minute results from our research projects. Its content ranges from the prediction of the next Oscar nominations to wide ranging facebook and Wikipedia network analyses.

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COINs Conference

On September 14 - 16 2017, the 7th international COINs conference brings together a multi-disciplinary group of practitioners, researchers and students of the emerging science of collaboration in Detroit, US

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COINs Community

The community website is a virtual meeting point of COINs related researchers and projects from many different universities around the world. The community is open to all researchers willing to contribute to our joint work.

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